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RSVP on Schedulicity

This is extremely helpful for us to properly plan practice and make the class more individualized and valuable for all of you! Please Sign Up for the following classes on Schedulicity at least 24 hours before class each week! 

  • Adult Classes

  • Youth Academy

  • Elite Academy

Here are the steps to RSVP:

1. Go to  OR download the app and type in,

Book: "East Beach Volleyball Academy"

Near: "Santa Barbara". 

2. Click "Schedule Now"

3. Select the class date you wish to attend.

4. Enter your email address and create a password

5. Click "Book It"

6. If you wish to RSVP for multiple classes, click the "Book Again" button and select another class.


You will receive an email remainder 24 hours before the class you RSVP for.

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